Programs and Services

Our programs and services have been developed specifically for the unique needs of

children and families with a history of trauma and neglect.

Occupational Therapy

Therapists specialize in the treatment of Sensory Processing and Sensory Integration while incorporating The Zones of Regulation. The Zones are a systematic, cognitive behavioral approach used to teach self-regulation by categorizing all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience.


A Certified Trauma Specialist and Consultant assists children and families working through trauma related challenges as well as attachment disorders. A certified therapy dog often joins sessions and is a wonderful assistant as she helps ease anxiety.

Horsemanship Programs

A PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Certified Riding Instructor oversees the Horsemanship Program.  This program teaches work ethic through cleaning the stalls and grooming/care of the horses. It also reinforces “The Zones of Regulation”, builds trusting relationships, and teaches self-awareness.

Educational Support Services

Retired school teachers volunteer to provide one on one tutoring in ABR’s educational resource room. This remedial help gives the child a sense of accomplishment and equips them to feel confident in a classroom environment.

Living Skills

The Kitchen Program teaches basic skills needed to operate various appliances and kitchen tools with the goal being life-long, self-sufficiency in meal preparation while focusing on nutrition. Food that is highly processed or has a high sugar content often triggers behavioral issues. Currently, the project is progressing; the kitchen cabinets are installed and funds for appliances have been raised. Counter tops and kitchen furnishings are needed and when these items are obtained, the program will be operational. (COMING SOON!)

In The Money Matters Program, the children make marketable items. Once the item has sold, the child receives 50% of the profit and learns to budget with the Share, Save, Spend Method. This program ran successfully out of our home until we outgrew the space. We have since built a room for this program in our new building. Once work surfaces and shelving are installed, this program will be operational again. (COMING SOON!)

Future plans for programs include physical therapy, speech therapy, and wood working.

Partner With Us

Our programs and supports rely on the generous gifts from donors. Donations allow us to provide the resources that our programs and services require. Please consider donating to help these amazing children and their families get the support they so desperately need.

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You can make a significant difference in the life of a child and their family. Learn how you can volunteer in our programs and services.

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