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Below are some frequently asked questions about our family support services
and how you can help us provide support for adopted children and their families.

Who can participate in your programs?

Our focus is on the adopted, foster, and kinship (children being raised by biological family member) families.  We seek to support the entire family, and when a child is accepted into the program, we make every effort to provide programs to the other children in the same family.

How is At a Bend in the Road Funded?

ABR is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that operates solely on the generous donations of individuals, businesses, and grants. We are not supported by federal or state funds.

The Counseling and Occupational Therapists do their own billing to insurance companies and accept most insurances.

Why does ABR not charge the families?

Regular, every day expenses mount up quickly when caring for a high needs child.  One simple example would be Therapeutic Horse Back Riding.  Imagine being told this could prove very beneficial to your child, and at the same time you realize your family is barely getting by on what you have.  There are many other expenses already incurred by these families, and we seek to do everything within our power to not be another place where hope is offered as a costly possibility.

How many children attend each week?

We have 40+children attending weekly.  They come from 4 different counties in Maine and range in ages from 3-18.  Currently we have 15 girls and 25 boys.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of areas.

Kitchen- Do you enjoy baking or cooking?  If you enjoy working with children, we could use volunteers as we start up programs in the kitchen.   Perhaps you enjoy baking or cooking, but aren’t so certain about working with the children. Making an extra meal or goodies and dropping them off at ABR so they can go home with a family would be a wonderful way to lighten a family’s load!

Hospitality- Is there a way you enjoy making other people feel special?  Perhaps providing a manicure, haircut, facial to some of our Moms would be a way you could help. Funds given towards “Hospitality” will go towards helping us provide meals, etc., to families.  Gift cards for gas and Restaurants would be greatly appreciated as well.

Educational- Are you a retired teacher who could volunteer 1-3 hours per week? We have some of the neatest kids who need extra support in their education! Could you help a struggling learner?

Outdoor Facilities – Can you paint, set up fencing, make special trails through the woods for children and horses?  We would appreciate extra sets of hands!

Clynk – Recycle your cans and bottles here.   We use the Clynk program through Hannaford, and every bag provides a bale of hay for the horses! Contact us for more information!

Horsemanship Programs – Do you enjoy horses and have the availability to volunteer one day a week to assist in our Horsemanship Program? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Crafts – Do you have a special craft that you could teach children?   We are always looking for unique projects the children can learn to make, and then sell.   If you would enjoy teaching a child a new skill and craft, please contact us!

If you have the resources to help us with any of our projects, please consider helping these families by donating towards any of our projects.

ABR’s Timeline

2001-With adoption, Shaws became a family of four.

2011-Traveled to Tufts Medical Center in Boston where Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was explained to us, leaving us with hope, and a plan of how to respond.

2012-ABR incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization

2013- Therapies started in the Shaw home

2014- Programs were moved from the 1st floor of the Shaw home into their semi-finished basement, providing a separate floor for therapies.

2015 -Due to generous grants, business sponsorships, and personal gifts, a 28x68 modular classroom building was purchased and set up on a separate section of their 15 acres, providing much needed additional space for therapies and programs.

2016 – Funds were raised from individuals and businesses to build out Occupational Therapy, Counseling, Educational Resource rooms and administrative offices in the therapy half of the program building. All the work was done by volunteer labor.

ABR’s Vision

– Our future goals include an 60x120 Outdoor Equine Area and a Clear Span Arena for outside therapy programs during inclement weather.  Currently, riding takes place in a round pen, and while we are grateful we have a round pen, it’s size is very limiting in what we can offer for the horses, children, and programs.   Round pens which are 60′ diameter are typically used for training purposes. A larger area is more conducive to our equine therapies and allows for multiple children working with horses at the same time. The Clear Span Arena would provide more space for the Horsemanship Programs, and at the same time, provide space where we can hold fundraisers, host support groups, do seminars and similar events where we could handle larger groups of people.

One of our longer term goals is to establish several ABR hubs (locations) throughout the state of Maine.  There is a great need for what ABR provides, as demonstrated by the weekly requests by parents and caseworkers for children to access ABR services.

Contact Info

235 Berry Road
Hartford, ME 04220
PHONE: (207) 520-1466
FAX: (866) 347-3903

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