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Specialized Adoption Support Services

A place where Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Families can find
specialized support for their unique needs.

Our Mission

At a Bend in the Road is a 501©3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide a place where Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship (adoptions by biological family) families in Maine can find specialized support for their unique needs. ABR seeks to not only support the child with a negative history, but also provide support for the entire family (siblings, moms, and dads). We have several support programs available for these families.

About Our Programs

Our Story

The Shaw family personally experienced the great need for appropriate and specific supports for families who were raising a child with a history of trauma, neglect, and abuse. In 2001 they adopted their 9-month-old daughter from a Siberian orphanage. Though they knew there would be challenges ahead, they expected that the most severe challenges would be by-passed due to the young age of their daughter.

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What Makes
ABR Unique?

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ABR provides services and support geared towards needs that are specific to children with a history of neglect and abuse.
We offer support at no charge to the families.
Support is provided in a non-clinical, home like atmosphere, on a farm type setting.
Comprehensive range of support and services are offered at one location for the entire family.
Families attend each week. All support and services are provided on that one day, reducing the amount of travel, resulting in less stress and exhaustion for the family.

What We Offer

Occupational Therapy

Counselling Services

Horsemanship Programs

Educational Support Services

“I will give away many of my todays,
in order to purchase their tomorrows.”

— J. Simmons —

Our Projects

Below are project goals that we are working towards. These are our most urgent needs and critical in allowing us
to continue to offer support to adopted children and their families. You can help us with your generous donations.

At A Bend In The Road is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Barn Project



Build an appropriate 36’x48′ Program Barn for our animals.  This structure would include a hay loft, therapy areas for the children, and a 12′ center aisle for our Horsemanship Program.


The Need


We need a central location for all of our animals, a closed-in shelter for our full size horse, and adequate hay storage.  Additionally, we have a need for inside space where animals are being used as part of therapy.

The Benefit


A Program Barn will allow all of our animals to be in one location and provide an adequate shelter for our full-size horse.  This will enable us to add more animals, including a much needed additional riding horse, for our therapy programs.  Also, ABR will be able to store all of our year’s usage of hay (720 bales) and eliminate biweekly trips to pick up hay.  This storage would allow us to purchase hay when cut in the summer directly from the field at a reduced price, thus lowering our feed cost.  Finally, the children will benefit from a Program Barn as it will allow an expansion in therapy program space. This Program Barn will create inside therapy areas, where children can work with the animals, maintaining their regular program schedule, no matter what elements and temperatures New England weather throws at us!

Roof Project



Replace the roof of our
24′ x 68′ Programs Building

The Need


During this winter’s severe weather, we experienced significant leaking through the roof of our programs building which needs to be replaced.

The Benefit


This project will protect the work and resources already invested in the building. Replacing the current roof with steel roofing panels will eliminate future leaks. The many benefits of using steel roofing panels includes that it is less expensive and labor intensive than other roofing options, and allows the snow to slide off, eliminating the need for shoveling.

Sponsor A Child



To enable more children to participate in the Horsemanship Therapy Programs.

The Need


The need is for people to come along side us with financial support allowing more children to participate in our Horsemanship Program which can appropriately meet their unique needs.

The Benefit


As Winston Churchill once said, “There is something good about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” – Those who have worked with horses for years are not surprised by this, and there are those of us who don’t understand, nor can we explain why there is something so powerful about a child working with a horse. Yet, we can’t question its incredible benefits as we witness time and time again how a child is able to relate with these large animals. Whether it’s a child who is unable to tell their story until they meet a horse that has been trapped and hurt, or a child who feels they need to manipulate and control everyone around them, but finds they can’t manipulate a horse…it is powerful and healing. A program for children from hard places would be just another therapy and clinic, but when horses are brought into the picture, it is amazing to see the healing that can be found!

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Sponsor a Child Now!

Sponsor A Child Now

What's Been "Herd" at the Farm

We have provided support for several amazing families. Below, are just
a couple testimonials of the support and programs that we provide.

“How do you put into words the sense of accomplishment written all over the face of your young autistic son because he was able to direct a horses hooves into a hula hoop, or learned how to maintain his own sense of space despite a pushy goat? How do you explain the sense of joy radiating from your teenage daughter because she has this incredible connection with animals and she was just able to ride this majestic horse and is grinning ear to ear. How do you help others understand the peace she feels now that she has finally made the connection between speaking softly around animals so as not to frighten them and how she speaks to people. Words fail me as I try to express the gratitude I have for everyone At a Bend in the Road and the progress they are helping my children make. Thank you seems so inadequate, but I say it with all my heart.”

“The experiences my children have had At a Bend in The Road have given them confidence and security.  They have developed friendships here where they have not been successful at school.  My youngest son has a traumatic brain injury.  The volunteers have been so good at learning about both his personality and his physical struggles.  At a Bend in The Road my children are physically active because they want to be.  This has been such a blessing to our family!”

“We found hope at ABR — hope that our kids can learn to be all they can be and that our family can recover, that there is a place for us where we are truly understood–our pain, our struggles, and our achievements.”

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FAX: (866) 347-3903

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